CSE Projects

6-13-2014-5-06-47-AM-300x268Computer science projects are an integral part of the discipline of computer science engineering. Computer science essentially deals with scientific study of the computers and its uses in data processing, computing, systems control and artificial intelligence etc. This branch of study involves programming, design, theory and analysis. Accordingly projects in computer science also involve designing and developing different application based programs. Students will benefit by undertaking projects as it will give them a better understanding of the various topics in this subject. It will also make them self confident to undertake critical projects when they seek placement in organizations.

  1. Java applications for a Bluetooth Platform
  2. Developing a Computer-based Information System to Improve the Diagnosis of Blood Anemia
  3. Data Leakage Detection Using Cloud Computing
  4. Computerization of Telephone Billing System in VB
  5. Detection of Malarial Parasite in Blood using Image Processing
  6. Potential for increasing the size of NETSim simulations through OS
  7. Voice Based Automated Transport Enquiry System in C#.net and MySQL
  8. Pharmacy Management System in PHP + MySQL
  9. Red Blood Cells Classification using Image Processing
  10. A PC-Based Open-Source Voting Machine with an Accessible Voter-Verifiable Paper Ballot
  11. Online Fingerprint Verification
  12. Smart Card Security from a Programming Language(Java) and Static Analysis Perspective
  13. Virtual class rooms
  14. Electronic mail server
  15. Result alert system using emails and SMS
  16. Partial face recognition with core facial features
  17. Face recognition in e-attendance
  18. Bug tracking system
  19. Online examination system
  20. Chat server
  21. Implementation of security in WAN
  22. Security system for DNS using cryptography
  23. Training and placement cell management
  24. Employee tracking system
  25. Digital diary project
  26. ER diagram maker
  27. Device switching using PC’s parallel port
  28. Insurance database
  29. Congestion control in ATM-based broadband ISDNs
  30. Dynamic flash interface
  31. Bank management system
  32. Data mining by evolutionary learning (DMEL) using HBase
  33. Color Scheme Authentication
  34. Prescription Viewer App – A Mini-project Using Android System
  35. Fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data
  36. Gram-Based Fuzzy Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data In Cloud Computing
  37. Performance Analysis Of Decode And Forward Protocol With Combining Techniques
  38. Low Bit Rate Speech Coding
  39. AES based Energy efficient Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
  40. Data mining for credit card processing
  41. Content base mail classification
  42. Android application for call taxi
  43. A Railway Anti-collision System with Phis Plate Removal Sensing and Auto Track Changing A Reverse Engineering Approach for Converting Conventional Turbo C Codeto 64bit C#
  44. Debugging Grids with Machine Learning Techniques
  45. SMASH-Scalable Multimedia Content Analysis in a High-level Language
  46. Design and Implementation of a Consolidated Middle Box Architecture
  47. Automated Low-Level Analysis and Description of Diverse Intelligent Videos (ALADDIN)
  48. 3D Mobile Game Engine Development Software Project
  49. Coaching Management Software
  50. Development of a Feature-Rich Practical Online Leave Management System (LMS)
  51. Design and Development of Speed Cash System
  52. Multi-Million Dollar Maintenance Using WLS Algorithms
  53. DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) Using Throttle Algorithm
  54. File System Simulation
  55. Elevator Control System
  56. Web-Based Online Library System
  57. Voice based E-mail for the Blind
  58. A Railway Anti-Collision System with Auto-Track Changing and Phis Plate Removal Sensing
  59. Speech Stress Analysis based Cheap Lie Detector for Loyalty Test
  60. Credit Card Reader with Face Recognition based on Webcam
  61. Recognition of Hand Movement for Paralytic Persons Based on a Neural Network
  62. Network Security Implementation Layer through Voice Biometric
  63. Agent Based Blocking and Response, Intrusion Detection using Signature
  64. Load Balancing of Artificial Intelligence Network using Ant Colony Optimization
  65. Authentication and Adaptive Security for DNS System
  66. Multicasting of Bandwidth Efficient Video in Multiradio Multicellular Wireless networks
  67. ADHOC Networks Based Bandwidth Estimation of IEEE 802.11
  68. Data Mining Technique Based Building Intelligent Shopping for Web Services
  69. Automatic Teller MachineNetwork Implementation based Controlling of CAC Connection Admission
  70. Adaptive Coaching and Co-Operative System for MANETS
  71. Multidimensional and Color Imaging Projections
  72. Inter Domain Packet Filters based Controlling of IP Spoofing
  73. Hidden Markov Models Based Credit Card Fraud Detection
  74. Storage Systems Based HBA Distributed Meta Data Management for large Cluster
  75. Image Analysis and Compression with PSNR and MSE Technique
  76. Implementation of Threshold Cryptography for MANET Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  77. Image Processing for Resizing and Bilinear Filters
  78. Architecture of Distributed Database in Next Generation Mobile Networks for Global Roaming
  79. Recognition of Dynamic Pattern and Character Using Neural Networks
  80. Customer Relationship Management Based on Distributed Component Router
  81. Supply Chain Management System Based on Distributed Component Router
  82. Dynamic Logistics Management and Support Systems
  83. Multithreaded Socket Based Email Server
  84. Web Based Bus Ticket Reservation System
  85. Chinese Input with Eye Tracking and Keyboard
  86. Automated Image Enhancement Based Identification of Plaque
  87. Developing the Encryption, API, Architecture and Security of Biometric Technology
  88. Automated Transport Enquiry System in MySQL and C# Based on Voice
  89. Modeling and Detection of the Camouflaging Worm
  90. Increased Development Process Quality Based Testing of Automotive Real Time
  91. SQL Based Employee Management System in ASP and C# .NET
  92. Management System of Pharmacy in MySQL and PHP
  93. Graph Analysis and Generation for Detecting the Source Code Plagiarism Based on Program
  94. Implicit Approach Based Animating and Buildup of Wind Driven Snow
  95. Bullet Physics and Cinder Graphics Based Doodle Processing System
  96. Simulation and Modeling of Unknown Factors in Acquisition
  97. Image Processing Segmentation Based Verification of Secured Fingerprint Using Computational Geometry Algorithms
  98. Mathematical Morphology Based Algorithm for Image Noise Reduction
  99. Flexible Data Dissemination Strategy in Mobile Wireless CommunicationNetworks for Effective Cache Consistency
  100. Fingerprint Verification System Based on a Correction

These are some interesting project ideas which provide students with directions to undertake projects that are close to real world applications. They generate awareness about the subject and help students understand better complexities of practical IT applications. The student also gets an opportunity to choose projects of his interest that will guide him later to pursue these interests in some PhD program or as part of his Masters course.