EEE Projects

EEE-ProjectsEEE projects are necessary for students studying electrical engineering which deals with study and application of electronics, electricity and electromagnetism. The electrical engineer is equipped to design components for industrial machinery and he works in conjunction with manufacturers to launch new products. Working on EEE projects is a great way to learn inner workings of different household appliances that are used practically every day.

  1. Designing a power amplifier circuit
  2. 7 Segment LED display decoder
  3. Designing a digital stopwatch circuit
  4. Digital temperature sensor for environmental applications
  5. Designing an automatic doorbell that will ring on sensing an object
  6. Automatic washroom light switches which turns on the lights whenever a person enters the washroom and shuts them off when they leave.
  7. Night lamp with LEDs which get turned on during night and turned off automatically during day.
  8. Snatch alarms for protecting your valuables that can be conveniently stored in your handbag.
  9. Plant watering circuit for watering plants without human intervention.
  10. Water level indicator for detecting and signaling the levels of water in any container.
  11. Remote control switches for home appliances using a remote control.
  12. Remote digital thermometer for precise centigrade temperature measurements.
  13. Cell phone calling detector circuit is used for mobile phones for detecting signals used in Global System for Mobile Communication band at 900 MHz
  14. Fan with temperature control which consists of a DC fan having the power to cool off heat generating devices.
  15. Designing the stress meter, a unique monitor which can assess emotional pain and produces a LED display when the stress levels are exceptionally high.
  16. Bidirectional photoelectric system for detecting movements in two directions; useful for surveillance and monitoring customer activities inside shops.
  17. Battery tester that does not require power supply.
  18. Designing a FM Booster which is a low-cost circuit that can tune in to programs from the remote FM stations clearly.
  19. Door bell watchers that are self powered and allow you to monitor if anyone had rung the door bell while you were away.
  20. Alarm for fridge doors that use a 3V battery and must be placed near the fridge lamp.
  21. Energy harvesting ideas for optimizing power utilization, focusing on light and temperature sensors. This device seeks to lower the expenditure of power to load points.
  22. Light fencing with sensors that are equipped to sense when a person is passing close by where there is no proper lighting.
  23. Hearing aid projects using four transistors and reflexive parts.
  24. GPS vehicle tracking system that is equipped with a GPS modem for tracking the geographical location of any vehicle.
  25. Prepaid electricity system using smart card useful for controlling electricity consumption by the consumer.
  26. Auto power supply controls that guarantee uninterrupted supply to any load by choosing supplies from any source like mains, generator, solar or inverter when any one fails.
  27. Speed control for DC motor using the 8051 series microcontroller.
  28. Fast-acting electronic circuit breakers to shut off power whenever there is overload.
  29. Switch controls for repetitive work.
  30. Systems for optimum energy management that use microcontroller and IR sensors to save energy.
  31. Computer-based controls for electrical appliances like theatre lighting.
  32. On-line Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors and fittings that is based on GSM
  33. 4-wired resistive touch screens controlled by lamp dimmers for modern day apartments with optical isolation and zero crossing detectors.
  34. Dual (active and standby) Lithium-ion battery chargers for non-interrupted power supply to all critical loads.
  35. Graphical LCD and touch Screen-based electronic devices control system.
  36. Wireless sensors network-based industrial temperature monitoring system.
  37. Touchscreen that is based on advanced temperature monitoring and control system with graphical LCD.
  38. GSM based irrigation water pump controller for people who have no idea about mobile phone oeprations
  39. High-power LED-based streetlight controlling systems with automatic brightness control sensing presence of vehicles
  40. Timer-based electrical oven temperature control for metal industries.
  41. Password enabled pre-paid liquid dispensing system.
  42. High voltage fuse blown indicator with display on PC
  43. Solar-based air compressor pump for car or bike tire inflation
  44. Fire extinguisher vehicle that is voice-operated
  45. Designing of Haptic Keypad with Magnetic Door Lock system
  46. RFID based attendance system
  47. Hidden Active Cell Phone Detector
  48. Audio-Modulation Long Range FM Transmitter
  49. Wire Loop Breaking Alarm Signal
  50. Fastest Finger Press Quiz Buzzer
  51. Touch Screen Based Home Automation System
  52. DC Motor Control With Four Quadran
  53. IR Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  54. Automatic Bell System for Institutions
  55. Cell Phone Controlled Robotic Vehicle
  56. Hybrid Solar Wind Charger
  57. Speed Control Of Stepper Motor By Using UCN5804B Translator
  58. Unified Power Quality Conditioner
  59. MAGLEV Windmill – Design and Model
  60. Beacon Flasher Using Microcontroller
  61. Discotheque Light Stroboscopic Flasher
  62. RFID Based Device Control and Authentication Using PIC Microcontroller
  63. Street Light that Glows on Detecting Vehicle Movement
  64. Density Based Traffic Signal System Using PIC Microcontroller
  65. Solar Energy Measurement System
  66. Speed Checker to Detect Rash Driving on Highways
  67. Speed Synchronization of Multiple Motors in Industries
  68. Touch Controlled Load Switch
  69. Incoming Phone Ring Light Flasher
  70. Rhythm Following Flashing Lights
  71. Dish Positioning Control by IR Remote
  72. Designing of ATM Terminal by Using Fingerprint Recognition
  73. Touch Screen GLCD Technology based Digital Devices Control System
  74. Vision-Based Tanker Robots for surveillance
  75. Embedded system-Based theft finder
  76. Power Harvesting of Smart Sensor Networks in Monitoring Water Distribution System
  77. Vehicle smoke detection and speed sensing systems
  78. Controlling of Electrical Device Switches by using mobiles
  79. Voice transmitter and receivers based on laser torch
  80. Controlling and Indication of Mobile Car Robot Using Sensor
  81. Remote Flying Robot Based GSM Unmanned Arial Photography
  82. Electrical Devices Protection from Earth Fault through Circuit Breaker
  83. Speed Control System of electric motors in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions
  84. High -performance PID controller Simulation for Speed Controlling of an Induction Motor with Mathematical Modeling
  85. Password-enabled industrial devices switching by using Speech Recognition
  86. Non Contact Tachometer for Speed Measurement of Electrical Motor by Using Hall Effect Sensor
  87. Intelligent Auto Controlling of Train Security System
  88. GSM Technology Based Power Grid Devices Controlling and Monitoring System
  89. Two Parallel Single phase Rectifiers Based Single Phase to Three Phase Drive System
  90. Soil Moisture Sensor and GSM Technology Based Controlling of Intelligent Irrigation Water System
  91. Infra red proximity sensors
  92. Security systems based on PIR
  93. Conference timers
  94. Fan speed controllers using infra red
  95. Digital fan speed regulator
  96. Auto room light controller
  97. Programmable priority time switch
  98. Intelligent electronics clock
  99. Digital voltage scanner
  100. Telephone controlled remote switch
  101. Infra red-based position controller by using stepper motor
  102. Development of signal disruptor
  103. Improving the voice quality in VoIP through erasure correcting codes
  104. Human identification using ear recognition
  105. Digital blood pressure monitors
  106. Signal generator circuits equipped with sensor sources features
  107. Oscillator designs using surface acoustic wave resonator
  108. Developing intelligent agents for medical emergency systems