MCA Projects

MCA-Projects-in-iGlobalsoft-9030321122-8121497571_2The Masters of Computer Applications or MCA is a 3-year professional Master’s degree that is awarded in India. This course has been designed primarily to cater to the growing demands for qualified professionals in IT. This is a post graduate course which is taken up after completing a Bachelor’s degree. It focuses mainly on the latest programming languages and tools for creating faster and better applications. Students pursuing MCA can take up any of the following project ideas to gain a better understanding of this discipline:

  1. JAVA Based Online Shopping to improve services for vendors and buyers
  2. Syntax tree based clone detection for Java
  3. Interactive Web-based Guideline for the Efficiency of Household Electric Power Consumption to build electric energy calculator
  4. Online Course Registration System in JAVA which is a software to help students register for courses online
  5. College Library Record Application designed and developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the college library
  6. Design of Shopping Mall Management System using object-oriented technology for a better shopping experience
  7. Online Cinema Ticket Booking System in .Net which is faster and cleaner designed to make the ticket booking experience smoother
  8. Civil Registry in C#.Net with ASP.Net to help the Indian citizens to apply for their government records like passport, driving license, voter’s ID card, PAN card etc
  9. Online Auction in ASP.Net and VB.Net
  10. Voice Based Automated Transport Enquiry System in and MySQL
  11. Billing System for a Departmental Store in ASP.Net + SQL
  12. Hotel Management Information System in PHP to keep track of hotel guests
  13. Online Election System for reducing mistakes and promoting the generation of accurate results
  14. Pharmacy Management System in PHP + MySQL
  15. Student Information System using PHP and MYSQL to help administrators to inset and change student details
  16. Newspaper proclamination monitoring system to develop software to satisfy the needs of the marketing sections of the newspaper.
  17. Noise reduction by fuzzy image filtering to develop fuzzy methods for reducing noises of images.
  18. Notepad editor system to edit plain text files
  19. Diamond web hosting is an imaginary web based catalogue shopping site
  20. Digital signature is software which shows information and advertisements on digital TVs in railways stations, bus stations etc.
  21. Drive 2 destiny to give a search engine to enable job seekers to find
  22. E-fashion designed to maintain information about models according to the specific schedules on which they may be called upon E-bidding
  23. E-gift shop project to assist people in shopping online similar to the shopping cart
  24. E-tutor online jobs is an online tutoring program to help in children’s education
  25. E-pricing for developing a system by which employees can submit bills to employers
  26. Electronic cash collector for the Accounting Division in a bank and designed to offer better interface for banking transactions.
  27. Real Estate Management System
  28. Inventory Management System
  29. Hospital management System
  30. Retail Management System
  31. Online Education System
  32. VOIP Based Predictive Dialer
  33. Light & Sound Control System
  34. College Management System
  35. Hotel Management System
  36. Tour & Travel Software
  37. Library Management System
  38. Fee Management System
  39. Car Parking Management System
  40. Matrimonial Web Portal
  41. Export/Import ERP Solution
  42. Income Tax Software
  43. Customer Enquiry Management System
  44. E recruitment system
  45. E-career and consultancy services
  46. Professional e-banking system and online banking services
  47. Net banking with electronic fund transfer
  48. E-healthcare
  49. Web based tele-medicine and online healthcare consultation
  50. e-Billing and Invoice System
  51. IMPRO (Industrial Manpower Resource Organizer)  for managing employees, planning and controlling and executing HR policies
  52. Online Registration (Online Student Registration System) for online submission of student application forms
  53. Web Based Claims Processing System for employees to fill their forms online and submit them to CPD or Claims Processing Department
  54. E-Property  (Estate Agent / Property Management System) for real estate professionals
  55. Steganography  (Technique to hide information within image file)
  56. MIS (Medical Information System in C Programming) to store patient medical information and medical history in text data files
  57. Payroll System in C ++ for managing employee records, searching for employees, displaying employee records, editing employee records, viewing salary slips and editing salary slips.
  58. JAVA and MySQL Library Management System for users to enter records of new books and retrieve details of books that are available in the library
  59. PHP and MySQL Online Examination System
  60. JSP and Oracle J2EE Online Banking System
  61. C# .Net Facial Expression Recognition System to identify facial expressions like smiling face or normal face or sad face
  62. Mobile Banking Site, C# Mobile Smart Device Application
  63. Secure transmission data
  64. Java memory model
  65. Prepaid recharging system in banking
  66. Wireless healthcare system
  67. Autonomous deployment of heterogeneous mobile sensors
  68. Cooperative clustering protocol for energy saving of mobile devices
  69. Citizen card system to offer information about the citizens of any country
  70. Automated ballot vote for automating the process of election proceedings taking place between the government and people
  71. Voyage management
  72. Medical image compression to study the case history of patients
  73. Barcode generation
  74. Online crime file management
  75. File security system to keep data out of reach from unauthorized people
  76. Data leakage detection
  77. Doctor online
  78. Contract labor management system to manage details of contractors and subcontractors
  79. Enabling public verifiability and data dynamics for storage security in cloud hosting
  80. Guaranteeing data storage security in cloud computing
  81. Implementing and validating environmental and health
  82. Interbank fund transfer in distributed network
  83. Fault-tolerant token-based atomic broadcast algorithm
  84. Real time detection of clone attacks
  85. Mobile video archive
  86. Location based reminder on mobiles to enable users to do certain tasks at specified times
  87. Friend mapper on mobiles to find the location of friends
  88. Mobile location alarm to retrieve user’s current geographical location
  89. SMS-based mobile banking with security
  90. Online rental house web portal
  91. Online recruitment system
  92. Mobile sampling of sensor field data
  93. Virtual office management
  94. IT project and process management
  95. Online university
  96. Intrusion detection system
  97. Intranet mailing system
  98. Image processing editor
  99. Credit card management system
  100. Improving use of infrastructure clouds