Mechanical Projects

Stirlingmotor_500x300Mechanical engineering happens to be one of the earliest branches of engineering that concerns itself with machinery. This discipline focuses on the different aspects of manufacturing and designing machinery that is used for different purposes. Mechanical engineering is so vast that students are free to choose from an overwhelmingly large list of project topics when it comes to undertaking a project. There are many interesting mechanical engineering project ideas that one can choose from this list:

  1. Building a Model Hydraulic Knuckle Crane
  2. Measuring Vibration Frequency with Light
  3. Effect of Trebuchet Arm Length or Counterweight Mass on Projectile Distance
  4. Build Your Own Helio Tracker—a Self-powered Mechanical Sunflower that Turns with the Sun
  5. Solar powered air conditioner
  6. Project on air cars which run on air instead of on fuel
  7. Hydrogen powered vehicle
  8. Hovercraft working model
  9. Firefighting robot
  10. Side Stand Retrieving System For Two Wheelers
  11. Human Powered Helicopter
  12. Wind Powered Car
  13. Bi-Cycle Rider System simulation using ADAMS
  14. Manual Can Crusher
  15. Highway Wind Turbine Mechanical Project
  16. Fabrication of a hydraulic fork lift
  17. Energy from ocean waves
  18. Vertical Dam Gate and Hoist Mechanism
  19. Gravity power generation Mechanism
  20. Electrical Power Generation System Using Railway Track
  21. Remote controlled material handling equipment (RCMHE)
  22. Remote controlled material handling robotic crane for Bomb squads
  23. Fire Fighting Robot
  24. Pneumatic paper cup forming machine
  25. Solar Powered Air Conditioner
  26. Over speed indicator and Accident Avoidance systems in a four wheeler
  27. Wall climbing robot
  28. Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
  29. Fabrication of Solar Car
  30. Integration of Automatic Transmission for Auto Rickshaw
  31. Turbocharger for two wheelers
  32. Fabrication of Motorized Screw Jack for vehicles
  33. Fabrication of Gear Level Indicator for Automobile
  34. Automatic Scrap collecting vehicle
  35. Fabrication of Electromagnetic braking System For Automobile
  36. Electronic Valve Actuation in Combustion Engine
  37. Remote controlled aircraft
  38. Computer Controlled Mini Vehicle
  39. Manually Operated Paper Recycling Machine-Design
  40. Automatic lawn mower
  41. Magnetic levitation train
  42. Automatic punching machines
  43. Automatic quality rejecter
  44. Car controlled system operations
  45. Speed vehicle sensing is an innovative project to prevent accidents that happen in restricted roadways by using communication technologies.
  46. Voice operated fuel injector to inject fuel by voice signals through an embedded system
  47. Solar automatic mobile charging for charging cell phones through power from the sun based on coin
  48. Automatic speed control in speed limit areas such as schools and hospital areas
  49. Automatic fuel tank filling mechanism which is on the basis of the inputs given by the keypad arrangements
  50. Automatic speed braking mechanism to provide safety of roads
  51. Car theft prevention with a code locking system for detecting vehicle thefts and alerting users. It is also used to prevent vehicles from being stolen by disconnecting the petrol tanks in emergency situations automatically.
  52. Microcontroller based car fare meter for calculating and showing the traveling amount, travelled distance in kilometers and total travel time, waiting time of the vehicle etc.
  53. Bus backside accident alert mechanism to avoid accidents behind the vehicle
  54. Automatic traffic clearance in times of emergency to provide way for ambulances, fire engines etc
  55. Automatic call taxi meter to calculate distance, meter reading and waiting time
  56. Automatic saw cutting to cut wood and metals without involving manpower
  57. Vehicle fuel theft detection system using microcontrollers
  58. Vehicle loan watching system to provide communications between two wheeler sellers and buyers that offers more advanced technology. Wind based water pump
  59. Wind energy vehicle- a windmill generates wind energy and electric power is stored in batteries. The car then gets its energy from this battery or the windmill.
  60. Wire rope elevator for lifting heavy objects with minimal effort using the mechanical advantage of pulleys
  61. Automatic vehicle smoke analyzer consisting of a smoke sensor and microcontroller unit
  62. Valve regrinding machine since valves and valve guides are often not matched suitably
  63. Spray painting robot controlled by users through a robot
  64. Remote controlled drilling machine to control operations of drilling machines remotely using a robot, RF receiver, multichannel RF transmitter, drilling unit and controlling unit
  65. Pedaling dress washing machine for washing clothes without using power
  66. Multi agri-cutter for cutting crops and sugarcane in agricultural fields
  67. Industrial motor safety controller consisting of sensors, motor and controller
  68. Hydraulic bending machine to bend and then remove bends in plates, pipes etc
  69. Steam power plant
  70. License scanning automobile security mechanism
  71. Hydraulic disk brake
  72. Intelligent reverse braking system
  73. Emission controller in cars using black box
  74. Automatic solar water heating system
  75. Automatic tire pressure inflation system
  76. Fuzzy logic vehicle parking system to avoid jams in the underground parking areas of apartments
  77. Hand operated pneumatic robot
  78. Automatic hydro irrigation system
  79. Air pollution monitor and alarm
  80. Paint mixer machine
  81. Automatic gear changer
  82. Vehicle gas detection project for designing a microcontroller that can guarantee faster response time and accurate detection.
  83. Automatic brake failure indicator
  84. Auto stop motion for the spinning mills
  85. Film roll cutter
  86. Automatic bottle filling system
  87. Automatic coil winding machine
  88. Automatic laminating system
  89. Stair climbing robot to work as a machine which is capable of climbing stairs
  90. Traction control system
  91. All terrain vehicle versatile mobile platform
  92. Visual tracking of indoor flying robots
  93. Solar cooler
  94. Robotic trolley to handle materials
  95. Cutting rewinding machine
  96. Ground source cooling mechanism
  97. Automatic conveyor for industrial automation through sensing objects placed in the conveyor
  98. Automatic guided vehicles designed to perform operations without human guidance
  99. Electricity generation from speed breaker: Since the number of vehicles on road are increasing rapidly, the kinetic energy can be converted into rotational motion of rollers to produce electricity
  100. Geothermal heating and cooling offer space conditioning- heating, cooling and humidity control

These are some exciting project ideas that mechanical engineering students can try to undertake to widen their knowledge and gain more expertise on the subject.